Acrobatic Mission Fellowship-AMF


Acrobatic Mission Fellowship- AMF is a Uganda based Christian Fellowship and Movement of Christian based Business Men and Women alongside Pastors also known as world changers.

We comprise of more than 150 different families and each Friday night between 7:00pm-11:00pm  we gather in home of a chosen member as according to our annual program in which we worship and fellowship together.

We begin our fellowship with eating and end with eating in brotherhood as we rejoice together, share testimony, talk about business, worship, pray and lift one another burden. We come from different churches and denominations as well as different tribes and political affiliations though we don't talk about it.

Families come along with their children and relatives. Subscription to the fellowship is free, all you need is to contact our Chairman/Bishop Mr. Emmanuel Nsubuga Najja Musoke and you will receive SMS with details of our weekly gatherings.

Every beginning of the year from January 1st we Fast and Pray for 4o days with daily gathering at Najja Secondary & Vocational School in Kabowa from 4:00pm-10:00pm. This is intended to dedicate our businesses, families, ministries and nation to God. We mark the end with a brand dinner celebration, washing of feet and donating some of our belongings to the poor in different countries.

We have a principle that abides us;

1-Thou Shall not be sick

2-Thou Shall not beg

3-Though Shall not be poor

4-Though Shall not borrow.

This keeps our faith in God and live a life of faith, comfort, joy and peace.

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